What makes Ron the best Alarm Company broker in the industry?

I will look out for your best interest throughout the entire sale process. With my proven process, I will provide you with the highest price for your alarm company business and the most qualified buyer.

Sierra Consulting was started in 2001, and prior to that, owner Ron Stennes spent 25 years owning and operating a successful alarm company. At the time of selling his alarm business, Ron Stennes had two offices, UL Central station with 5,000 accounts and 30 employees.

With over 40 years in the industry, Mr. Stennes offers a unique service to his clients in that he understands all of the aspects and value of an alarm company, but more importantly he speaks the language that is extremely important during the sale process when you are communicating with sophisticated buyers.

  1. I will personally come out to your office, meet you, and see your place of business. We believe that we cannot adequately understand your business and serve you best if we haven’t met you personally or visited your office. Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you can make, and it can’t be done over the phone.
  2. We provide a very complex informational packet (called a Sales Offering) that highlights all of the positive aspects of your company. The Sales Offering has everything that a buyer will need to make an aggressive offer. We have had numerous comments that our Sales Offering packets are the most through and professional they have ever seen.
  3. Unlike other alarm company brokers, we just don’t call one buyer and pass off your name and phone number. We search our exhaustive database for the best fit and qualified buyer in your area, and, in the rare case that we don’t have more than one in your market, we will find another wanting to expand into your market area. Most of our success has been finding aggressive regional buyers that would like to expand into your market place. To date we have not sold one business to a national company. If we need more buyers in your market, we will find them.
  4. We have 30 years experience in the industry. We know business inside and out and speak the language. We have owned and operated an alarm company just like yours.
  5. We always look out for your best interest throughout the process – from finding the right buyer, to doing the negotiations and contract review to closing,
  6. We will get you more money for your years of hard work than you can on your own, WE GUARANTEE IT!