If you are serrious about getting the best offers that are available for selling your security company, then you understand that more competition means better offers.

At Sierra Consulting, we draw from a huge list of buyers that we represent, and will make sure to not only get you top dollar for your company, but also get you matched up with a buyer that is committed to the same smooth and seamless transition that you are.

Our experience as a security company broker helps you eliminate messy mergers and unwanted fine print.

Sierra Consulting is the Most Experienced Security Company Broker Around!

Drawing from our experience both in running a successful security company for more than 2 decades, and our experience as a security company broker, we understand both sides of the process and use that to your advantage.

We know what it feels like leaving money on the table due to lack of knowledge and we are committed to ensuring that our clients never walk into any meeting, less than fully armed.

We will never push or hurry you in your decisions and will mearly ensure that you know all the facts and can make the decision on your own time table.


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