We know that selling your alarm business can be difficult and time consuming. We also recognize that your alarm company is unique and that there are aspects of the alarm system business that are different. Sierra Consulting can help. We represent the seller in the negotiations and transactions and will always work in your best interest. With our proven process, we will provide you with the highest price and a cash buyer.

At Sierra Consulting we know this personally. Ron Stennes, Sierra Consulting CEO, owned and operated an alarm company for over 20 years. He purchased another company that was represented by a business broker who set the asking price valued as a typical service business — at 50% less than if the company were valued by RMR! (This company came with a fully functional UL Central Station!)

It is important for you to understand all of the aspects of valuing your company in order to get the most from your investments. In valuing your business, items to consider include recurring revenue from monitoring agreements, leases, extended warrantees etc.. Based on recurring revenue, the value of your company is sold at a multiple of revenue ranging from 30 to 50 times monthly.

We start by offering a free company valuation. Then we work with you to find more than one buyer from our nationwide database of qualified buyers. We handle all of the negotiations with potential buyers, review all documents from the buyer, create a detailed performa of your company, and help in all aspects of the sale. Sierra consulting will ensure you get the most for your alarm company.

Selling a company is a complex process requiring extensive experience, superb judgment, and current market knowledge. Our experience allows us to provide your company with practical advice and allows you to leverage our experience to orchestrate a highly effective sale process, providing maximum value to our clients.

Using the services of Sierra Consulting will greatly increase the likelihood of a successful sale at a maximum price.

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